Who we are

The Junior Enterprises Global Organization ("JEGlobal") is the International Organization that represents the Junior Enterprise Network Worldwide.

We are currently composed by 19 confederations which represent a total of 17 countries, all united in JEGlobal with the following mission:

Strengthen the Junior Enterprise Global Network towards boosting educational, economical and collaborative impact.

Since the confederations already represent JEs on a national or continental level, our work is focused on global aspects of the network.

Our history

Even though the JE Network exists since 1967, a global cooperation only started to be written in 2006 with the cooperation agreement signed between the European and Brazilian confederations, which led to the creation of the Junior Enterprise World Conference (JEWC).

In JEWC 2016, the second-ever JE Global Forum was held. National leaders united to discuss the next steps for the international network and the main resolution was the creation of the JE Global Council as a collaboration platform within the founder members.

Two years later, it was decided that the JE Global Council would be renamed as Junior Enterprises Global, reflecting how the organization grew beyond the initial council in order to better deliver its work.

What we do


Partnerships and programs to stimulate the creation of JEs.

Support for JE and Confederation initiatives in more than 20 countries around the world.


Support for the newer confederations.

Connection programs to increase collaboration in the network.

Communication initiatives to promote global knowledge.

Our team

To execute all our programs and activities, we have an executive team, composed of 3 board members and a team of managers. Beyond this team, a group of ambassadors helps us promote the JE concept in more countries.

Executive Board

Executive Team

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Who we are

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