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11 - 7 - 2018

Lucas Mantovani Profile Image
By Lucas Mantovani

Global Council Head of Operations for 2018

In 1967, the first Junior Enterprise was born in France. Aiming to learn beyond what was seen in class, a student-run non profit organization was created to solve real market problems, through projects for clients that varied from big companies to solo entrepreneurs.

Today, we have 980+ Junior Enterprises in 44 countries, summing more than 50 thousand Junior Entrepreneurs. And we are probably the only student movement to achieve these numbers in a bottom-up manner: most of all, it was the collaboration within our network that got us where we are today.

But we have to remember: there is still much more to do. There is still a gap between the university and the job market, entrepreneurship abilities that students need to develop and demand from the market for affordable high-quality projects. And these aren’t local problems. They are problems faced globally, for generations, in a variety of fields. That’s why it is so important for our movement to become truly global, and for every instance of it to keep improving.

Two years ago, we took a step in this direction. During JEWC (Junior Enterprise World Conference) 2016, the JE Global Council was created with a clear objective: guarantee the enlargement and alignment of the Junior Enterprise concept throughout the world.

Now, we need to make the next chapters of this story happen. Through collaboration, through partnerships with our stakeholders, through our projects and actions, we to turn all your successes, big or small, into micro-revolutions, changing our world today and ensuring we are all committed and capable to solve the problems of tomorrow. Being a junior entrepreneur is just our first step.

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