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23 - 6 - 2019

Raíces, the Argentinian Confederation of Junior Enterprises, was created in 2017 – but they were already present in Junior Enterprise World Conference (JEWC) in 2016. Currently, they have 4 Junior Enterprises: Atlas J.E., Vínculos Empresa Junior Consultoría Empresarial, INCA Empresa Junior and NODOS Empresa Junior, that are in Engineering or Economic sciences and Management field. Raíces is also counting with 4 initiatives. Their network is composed by 86 junior entrepreneurs and 67 alumni.

ENEJA 2018

People often ask: Why the name “Raices”? Is there a story behind it? Yes! “Raices” means roots in Spanish. The roots can be interpreted as the foundations or the bases for something to grow and develop. They are also the route of entry of nutrients to a plant. In this sense, the Confederation positions itself as the organization that provides resources and knowledge to the argentinian JEs, so they can achieve certain standards of quality and be aligned with the culture and identity of the national and international JE Network.

Raíces’ mission is to Represent, promote, expand and consolidate the Junior Enterprise Network in Argentina. To achieve this, they serve as guide and mentors in the formation of new JEs in the country, providing advice and tools that allow their development and strengthen the existing JEs to ensure a quality standard by providing training and the implementation of periodic control systems so that the functioning, identity, business culture and values of each are aligned with those of the movement at national and global level. Moreover, encouraging the collaboration between the argentinian and foreign JEs are a main topic for Raíces, as they participated of every JE Global’s Exchange Program edition until now.

The logo consists in the Confederation’s name surrounded by an octagon. Each side represents one of the eight values of the confederation. Also, the shape resembles the shape of a tree trunk seen from above.

Raíces' Logo

Their values are:

  1. commitment and responsibility
  2. entrepreneur spirit
  3. social responsibility
  4. transparency
  5. collective construction
  6. party Independence
  7. gender equality
  8. Latin American integration

Raíces' organizational structure

The organizational hierarchy diagram (shown above) is inverted, on the bottom is the General Assembly, the maximum structure of the organization. Then they have the Executive Board, that represent the trunk and the joint of every branch. The branches are each area of the team:Marketing and Communication, Structure and Quality, Expansion of the movement and Relationship with the JEs. Currently, 10 people are divided in these areas, as can be seen below:

Raíces' team for 2019

Their national event is called ENEJA and this year’s edition will happen in August, 17, 18 and 19, in Cabalango, city of Córdoba province. There is a camping where they will have a beautiful view, a mountain river, cabins and a closed space to make the activities. Between 60 and 80 Junior Entrepreneurs are expecte and Junior Enterprises Global will be present there!

The motto of the event is:

“If we see ourselves, what do we see? Let’s see together the future of MEJA!”.

MEJA is how they call the JE Movement in Argentina - Movimiento de Empresas Junior de Argentina.

We can’t wait to be there!

Discover more about Raíces following them in social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raices.meja/

ENEJA’s Instagram: @enejaarg

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