JEs in Latin America

1 - 6 - 2018

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By Junior Enterprise Global Council

Working to make JEs a truly global and connected movement

The first Junior Enterprise in Latin America was created in 1989 in Brazil. Since then, the Brazilian JE movement has grown to over 615 recognized JEs in universities all over the country.

Over the last few years, however, the JE network has also reached several other Latin American countries. Students in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica & Mexico are working towards the goal of having 3 recognized JEs and a national confederation. Moreover, JEs & initiatives also exist in Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru & Puerto Rico.

To share insights about these pioneering initiatives, our enlargement team developed a document presenting what is happening in the region.

To view the PDF document in english, visit: bit.ly/JEsLATAM

Or to view it in spanish, visit: bit.ly/EJsLATAM

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