How to add your JE to the Global JE Map

20 - 2 - 2019

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By João Braquehais

2018 Communications Manager & Web Developer of the Global Council team

Here at the Junior Enterprise Global Council, we made the Global Junior Enterprise Map to be the most complete and accessible public database of JEs worldwide.

With it, people interested in hiring a JE can find one to hire and Junior Entrepreneurs can find other JEs like theirs to exchange knowledge!

But for any of this to happen, its crucial:

  • To have your JE in the map
  • & to have your JE’s profile complete and up to date

So, how can I add my JE or edit its profile?

The Global JE Map is powered by the database from JuniorConnect, which is a platform for JEs worldwide originated within JADE Switzerland.

The platform has several capabilities, like CRM, task management and much more. One of its capabilities is a Networking functionality, which allows you to create a profile for your JE.

So to add your JE or edit its profile in the Global JE Map, all you have to do is:

  • Have a JuniorConnect account
  • And update your JE’s profile there

How to create a JuniorConnect account


Visit your JEs profile in the Global JE Map, scroll to the bottom and click on the link to create a JuniorConnect account to register. A verification will be sent to your contact email:


This link only shows up if your JE has a contact email registered.

If your JE does not have a contact email registered, if you don’t have access to the registered email, or if your JE is not currently in the Global JE Map, then you can use the second method:


Visit junior-connect.com/features and click on the “Get JuniorConnect” button:

Get Junior Connect Button

Then, fill the form that shows up and include plenty of information, for example:

  • The name of your JE
  • Its country
  • Its website
  • etc.

Soon, you’ll be contacted by the platform to create your account! You may need to provide some proof that you’re part of your JE.

TIP: If someone in your JE is already in JuniorConnect, then the process is much easier. You can ask them to login, go to “Organization” and then “Add People” and then invite you or give to you your JE’s special sign-up link.

How to edit my JE’s profile

So you already have a JuniorConnect account. Awesome! Now login and go to “Organization”.

There you’ll find the profile of your JE. Click on “Edit” or “Update” to edit the profile.

We suggest adding as much info as possible to attract more clients and make it easier for other Junior Entrepreneurs to connect with your JE.

After saving all the changes you make, visit the Global JE Map again to view how your JE profile looks, and decide if there’s any info you want to add or remove.

If you have any questions, feel free to:

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