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20 - 10 - 2018

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By Gabriel Caldas

2018 Communications Manager at the Junior Enterprise Global Council. Brazilian Junior Entrepreneur and former participant of the JE Exchange Program in Tunisia.

The Exchange Program of the Junior Enterprise Network is here! But, do you have questions about it?

Worry not. We have compiled these Frequently Asked Questions, so that you can have everything clear to you!

PS: If you don’t know much about the Exchange Program yet, click here to check out the hotsite and discover everything about it!

What are the destinations?

As you apply to the Exchange Program, you will select your 1st and 2nd choice of region and after, you will be shown to possible hosts in these locations. The regions are:

- North America: Canada, USA, Mexico or Costa Rica

- South America: Brazil, Argentina, Colombia or Chile

- North Africa: Tunisia or Morocco

- Europe: France, Germany and many others (15 in total)

How much is the participation fee?

There is NO participation fee for hosts.

For travellers, there is a €120 participation fee and these following discounts are available:

- 20% off the participation fee for members of JEs with 2 travellers in this edition;

- 30% off for JEs with 3 travellers;

- 40% off for JEs with 4 or more travellers;

- 50% off for members of JEs that have been a host in a prior edition or will be a host in this edition.

The participation fee helps support the Global Council’s work in the continuous enlargement and development of our global network.

What does the fee cover?

By participating in the Exchange Program you will not need to pay for your accommodation, nor for the tips and materials that the Junior Enterprise Global Council will send to you so that you can prepare yourself for your experience. The travel, food, transport, health insurance and eventual visa costs will not be covered.

To learn more about your expenses in the program, we recommend checking out the calculator available in the hotsite and this article with some great tips for you to save money before and during your trip.

What do I need to be a host?

If you’re interested in being a host, send an e-mail to our Global Council Head of Development, Lucas Mantovani, at the address lucas.mantovani@brasiljunior.org.br.

In this e-mail, provide the following information: Your Name, Age, University & University Course, Country, City, Junior Enterprise and Dates available for a skype meeting so that we can present to you further information about being a host!

What do I need to be a traveller?

Have good proficiency in English or in the spoken language of the country where you are going and be currently a part of the JE movement or have a maximum of 1 year outside it.

To participate as a traveller, sign-up in this link and pay attention to the instructions there!

I am not in the JE movement anymore, can I go?

Yes, you can participate if you have a maximum of one year outside of the movement.

The Exchange is a good opportunity for you to leave your last impact in our network!

What is the period of the trip?

You will travel to another country between January and March of 2019, where you’ll be hosted for up to 3 weeks by a local junior entrepreneur and their JE.

How does the selection process work?

After you sign-up, we start showing your profile to possible host JEs.

Once we find a possible host for you, we make a video conference with you and your host, so that you can meet each other, ask questions, etc.

If both sides are interested, the Exchange is confirmed and you will be able to pay the fee and officialise your participation.

Can I choose more than one host?

When you sign-up you get to pick your preferred destinations. Then, in the open questions, you are free to specify additional preferences. However, you must keep in mind that:

- Everything depends on the availability and interest of the hosts.

- Our main focus will be on making as many exchanges as possible happen.

- You are the protagonist of your exchange. So with your proactivity, you can go meet other JEs, do more for your host and overall leave your mark in another country!

What is the deadline for sign-ups?

Sign-ups for the first call are open until November 16th. Those who sign-up on the first call will have priority on being matched with hosts. Then, a second call will be opened until November 30th.

Does the program happens every semester or just once in a year?

The program is planned to happen once in a year in the beginning of the year. A middle year edition is possible, but not a certainty.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us by sending an email to our Head of Development, Lucas Mantovani whose address is: lucas.mantovani@brasiljunior.org.br. You can also send us a message on our Facebook page or Instagram.

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