5 Reasons Why You Should Participate in the Exchange Program

26 - 10 - 2018

Gabriel Caldas Profile Image
By Gabriel Caldas

2018 Communications Manager at the Junior Enterprise Global Council. Brazilian Junior Entrepreneur and former participant of the JE Exchange Program in Tunisia.

Another edition of the Exchange Program is coming and I cannot help not talking about how great is this opportunity that you are having right now. One year ago I could also travel by the Exchange Program and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I strongly suggest you to do the same. There are infinite reasons to go to the Exchange Program, but in this article I will talk about 5 of them that I believe that must be highlighted.

1 – Challenge Yourself

If you have already dealt with unexpected situations in your JE, be aware that everything will get even more unusual when working in a JE in another country. The contrast with another culture and the whole exchange experience itself is full of unusual situations and dealing with them can improve your personal skills.

2 – Double Your Impact

Have you ever thought about collaborating with another JE from another country? By the Exchange Program you can connect good practices from both JEs in order to improve daily problems in your home and host JE. Besides that, JEs from different countries can work together developing better services for clients in both countries.

3 – Create International Networks

In these disruptive times, the geography is not a barrier anymore and you will be able to connect your JE with the foreign entrepreneurial environment, promoting the exchange of knowledge and international collaboration. When you go overseas by the Exchange Program you are not only connecting JEs, but students, confederations and entrepreneurial networks.

4 – Be Part of the Future

In these disruptive times, we want to promote a global mindset. The contact with junior entrepreneurs from different very realities promotes it. We believe that we must cherish the diversity and synergy in our network so that we can grow. The future is global and we want you to fight for it with us.

5 – Make Connections and Memories

The greatest experiences in our lives are related to the people we meet and the way that simple and intense moments change us. The Exchange Program is mainly about connections and there is nothing better than connecting ourselves with people that can make we feel stronger when we are with them.

Bonus: Spread a Purpose

If you decide to go to a place where the JE movement is still beginning, you can also work to spread our purpose to new parts of the globe. By traveling in the Exchange Program you can take the responsibility to boost the junior entrepreneurs’ energy and contribute for more students, in more countries, to have the chance we had to be part of a junior enterprise.

Discover now all the details of the program and the sign-up here!

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