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What is a confederation?

Confederations are umbrella organizations of Junior Enterprises in a given country or region.

They not only represent and support their JEs, but also work for the enlargement of the JE Concept in their region.

If you are interested in creating a new Junior Enterprise in a country that already has a confederation, you can contact them for help, as they will be ready to aid you in this journey!

The network

The following confederations are part of Junior Enterprises Global:

Brasil Júnior Logo
Brasil Júnior

805+ JEs

BDSU (Germany) Logo
BDSU (Germany)

32+ JEs

CJEM (Morocco) Logo
CJEM (Morocco)

9+ JEs

CEJE (Spain) Logo
CEJE (Spain)

16+ JEs

CNJE (France) Logo
CNJE (France)

185+ JEs

JADE Austria Logo
JADE Austria

5+ JEs

JADE Poland Logo
JADE Poland

3+ JEs

JADE Belgium Logo
JADE Belgium

15+ JEs

JADE Portugal Logo
JADE Portugal

16+ JEs

JADE Switzerland Logo
JADE Switzerland

10+ JEs

JADE (Europe) Logo
JADE (Europe)

352+ JEs

JC3 (Canada) Logo
JC3 (Canada)

6+ JEs

JCNetwork (Germany) Logo
JCNetwork (Germany)

34+ JEs

JADE Italia Logo
JADE Italia

18+ JEs

JECam (Cameroon) Logo
JECam (Cameroon)

12+ JEs

JET (Tunisia) Logo
JET (Tunisia)

38+ JEs

Junior Enterprise USA Logo
Junior Enterprise USA

5+ JEs

Raíces (Argentina) Logo
Raíces (Argentina)

4+ JEs

UniPartners (Netherlands) Logo
UniPartners (Netherlands)

12+ JEs

More coming soon!

Beyond the confederations above, our network also includes countries which are developing themselves (creating more JEs and establishing a confederation) to soon join Junior Enterprises Global.

Therefore, these JEs/countries currently act as observers of the JEGlobal organization:

Dauphine London Junior Consulting (UK) Logo
Dauphine London Junior Consulting (UK)


Handels Consulting (Sweden) Logo
Handels Consulting (Sweden)


NEXT JE (Croatia) Logo
NEXT JE (Croatia)


Junior Enterprise Regent's (UK) Logo
Junior Enterprise Regent's (UK)


StudConsult (Norway) Logo
StudConsult (Norway)


WBC (UK) Logo


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