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Junior Enterprises
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The JE Concept

Junior Enterprises (JEs) are non-profit companies run entirely by university students. They provide services, in their fields of study, to other companies, entrepreneurs and society as a whole.

The projects executed by JEs allow Junior Entrepreneurs to positively impact their clients while applying their knowledge on real problems of the market.

A Global Network

Junior Enterprises collaborate worldwide as a network. With support from their national confederations, JEs share knowledge and use common strategies to grow year after year.

Wherever you are, you are likely to find a JE near you specialized in solving the problems you need to solve.

The JEGlobal Organization

Since 2016, we exist to strengthen the Junior Enterprise Global Network towards delivering more impact.

Our role is to enlarge the network, by working and partnering for the creation of JEs & confederations in new countries, and to develop it, through support & connection initiatives.

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